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Hunters Trailhead

Additional hunts with this outfitter:

HuntersTrailhead Featured Deer Hunt



* To hunt deer in Kansas all non-residents are required to draw. However, this outfitter has never had an applicant not draw their first time applying. HuntersTrailhead will assist with the application process if needed.

* This outfitter has leased multiple ranches totaling over 34,000 acres. With over 400 stand locations and a limited number of hunters per week, each ranch experiences very limited hunting pressure insuring unpressured deer and top quality bucks. Buck:doe ratios are exceptional and its not uncommon to see more bucks than does. Safe ladder and lock on stands are used with some ground blinds available.

* Lodging and home-style meals are included with these hunts. Accommodations will be in the comfortable ranch house located right on the ranch and with in easy access to the hunting areas. The ranch houses are equipped with electricity, hot water, showers, and comfortable beds.

* The outfitter maintains a 135" minimum on all harvested bucks. To assist and educate hunters in making that assessment in the field, multiple sets of antlers are available with known measurements at each ranch. This minimum has allowed most bucks harvested to reach the 4-6 years of age range. Every years, bucks in the 160 to 200 inch range are taken.

Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader Hunts

Duration 5-days
Rates: Archery
Pre-Rut - $2,200
Rut - $2,600
Late Season - $2,200
Muzzleloader $3,000
Rifle $3,000
Quality 135 minimum. (some 180+ are taken)
Dates Archery - October to November and late December
Muzzleloader - Mid to late September
Rifle - Early to mid December

Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843 to book this hunt or for assistance with the tag application process