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Hunters Trailhead

HuntersTrailhead Bear Hunts

Over the past several years, HuntersTrailhead has developed a great relationship with many outfitters across the west. We are very excited at this time to now offer our Hunt Consulting services to all hunters looking for that special hunting opportunity.

The hunts available here provide a great variety of hunting opportunities. From fully guided to semi-guided, draw hunts on public land to guaranteed tags on private land, we have them here. There is no need to look further. We have already done the foot work so give us a call and let get you set up on your next hunt.

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AK100Bear AK100B - Self Guided
This is a hosted hunt in southeast Alaska. Hunters cruise the shoreline searching for the bears that come out to feed in the spring. The lodge provides the boat, fuel and recommendations on where the best places are to look for the bears. Meals and lodging are provided in the spacious and comfortable modern lodge.

AK110Bear AK110B
Brown bear hunts on the Alaskan Peninsula and the Kenai Peninsula. High success on trophy class bear. It is not uncommon to take 9 foot bears with this outfitter. A black bear can be taken on a trophy fee basis.
AK105Bear AK105B
Northwestern Alaska interior grizzly bear hunts in the Noatak National Preserve. This outfitter owns the exclusive guiding rights to this preserve. Bears squaring 8-9 feet are not uncommon.

British Columbia
BC105B BC105B
Seeing 4 to 8 bears per day on this hunt is very common. On exceptional days hunters with this outfitter will see over 20. Many color phases with a good number of book heads. If you are instructed to take a bear and it does not have an 18" head, the outfitter will buy you a second bear tag. Up to two tags can be purchased over the counter.

ID105B ID105B
This hunt over bait takes place on the fringes of the River of No Return Wilderness near Salmon Idaho. A large bear population with a two bear limit and reduced price over the counter bear tags makes this hunt tough to beat. Meals and lodging are provided on these 5-day hunts.

ID120B ID120B
This hunt is run by a small personal outfitter that only takes two bear hunters per week. He has maintained an 85-95% opportunity rate for the past few years running. 60% to 70% of the bears taken with this outfitter are of a color phase with lots of them being brown or cinnamon.
ID115B ID115B
High success rates and a high color phase percentage makes this hunt a "must consider" option. 75% of the bears taken with this outfitter are of the various color phases. Hunters here have enjoyed a 100% shot opportunity the past few years. This outfitter books fast with many return clients so don't hesitate to call us once you decide to go bear hunting.

NF100B NF100B
There is an extremely high black bear density in this outfitters area. A governmental study limited the bear harvest for over 10 years and is now open again. Large body sizes with some book heads are taken from this area. Fully guided including lodging, meals and transportation. There is also a 2-bear limit.

YK100Bear YK100B
Five million acres of exclusive hunting territory. Most bear taken are chocolate brown or silvertip. All hunts include tags for grizzly bear, moose and caribou. Add-on species can be taken a much reduced rates.