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Hunters Trailhead

Additional hunts with this outfitter:
* Moose
* Caribou

Newfoundland Trophy Black Bear

HuntersTrailhead Featured Bear Hunt


* This outfitter is the only one operating in this area of Newfoundland. Due to a long term study by the Newfoundland Wildlife Department (the bears were not hunted for 11 year), the area boasts the highest density of black bear in the providence. This outfitter has maintained a 95% success rate for many years.

* Though the bear study is over, the number of tags is limited insuring the quality and success rate remains high.

* Bears weighing in excess of 600 lbs and meeting B&C minimums have been taken in this area.

* Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader hunts are available. Most hunting is done over bait though some bears are taken without the use of a bait station.

* Hunters fly (or drive) to Gander Newfoundland where they will be met by a member of the outfitters staff. From here all transportation is included in your hunt. This is a fully guided hunt including the guide, food, lodging, transportation, and trophy care.

* Hunters stay at the fully furnished lodge equipped with electricity, hot/cold running water, refrigerator and satellite TV.

* Only fall hunts are available at this time and can be combined with a moose and/or caribou hunt.

Archery, Rifle or Muzzleloader Hunts

Hunt ratio 2x1
Duration 6-days
Rates: $2,700 (2nd bear - $500)
Quality 400 lbs+ Some record class.
Dates Fall-September/October

Contact HuntersTrailhead at 801-979-8843