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HuntersTrailhead Membership

After 7 years, the time has come for HuntersTrailhead to require a membership to access the drawing odds database and the associated features. Thousands of hours are dedicated each year to the development and maintenance of this hunting research system and it can no longer remain free. Beginning December 1, 2012 access to the odds database was restricted to members only. A one year membership will be priced at only $24.95. Current members whose membership has not expired will have a year added to the time they have remaining when their membership is renewed.

With this new requirement, we are also adding 8 new features and services. All of the features that were previously limited to members only will remain. These features include the hunt filter system, success rate trending and previous hunters listings. Along with these valuable features we are excited to announce the following additions (Additional details below):

1. Unit Ratings
2. Public land analysis
3. Unit trophy potential assessments
4. Ease of access assessments
5. Unit landownership maps with unit boundaries
6. Application deadline reminders
7. Unit specific forum discussions
8. Personal research portfolio

Further details on each new feature is available below.

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Membership Benefits Include.....
Continuing Features

Original HuntersTrailhead Drawing Odds Database The original drawing odds database that tens of thousands have come to depend on and trust when researching their annual hunt applications. Multiple years of drawing odds and application rate history presented in an easy to read format.


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Hunt Filtration System Filter the hunt database to show only those hunts that fit your filtration criteria. The filter results click through to the details page for the specified hunt. 6 different criteria can be used in the filtration process.

Filter Image

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Hunter Success Trending Understand the hunter success rates before burning your preference or bonus points on a low success hunt.

Herd Details Image

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Past Hunter Contacts** Part of any serious scouting effort includes talking with people that have hunted the area before. Members can access the list of past hunters, with their contact information, who are willing to talk about their experience in the area.

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Hunt Availability Notifications We work with many outfitters and landowners throughout the western states. Many of these operators contact HuntersTrailhead when they have a hunt opening, landowner tag or voucher available. By becoming a HuntersTrailhead member, you will receive priority notification about these opportunities.

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New Features
Unit Ratings

Each unit has been meticulously analyzed and researched considering 3 important factors. In conductiong this analysis we spoke with biologists, game managers, outfitters and guides, individual hunters and in many cases, personal experience was considered. The results of this analysis was combined to develop an individual unit rating. Using the 5-Star method, you easily identify those units that are most likely to meet your hunting expectations.

3 rating factors include:
Trophy Potential by Species
Public vs. Private Land
5-years of Hunter Success

5Star Image

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Unit Analysis

  • Unit Trophy Potential
  • Land Ownership Analysis
  • Success Rate Analysis
  • Each of the factors that went into developing the Unit Rating are part of the Unit Analysis. These values are displayed in the analysis block and are factors that can be used in the hunt filter feature.

  • Trophy Potential - High on most every hunter's list of priorities when choosing an area to apply is the potential of taking a trophy class animal. However, what constitutes a trophy is different for everyone. Here at HuntersTrailhead we have developed a unique scale that defines the trophy potential on each unit.

  • Landownership - There is no point applying to hunt a unit if you are not going to be able to access the hunting area due to private land issues. Use this score in the filtration system to eliminate those areas you are going to have difficulty accessing.

  • Success Rate Analysis - HuntersTrailhead has detailed success rates for years. However, these success rates are now an integral part of each unit's overall rating.
  • Unit Analysis

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    Ease of Access Assessment Accessability

    This assessment is much different than the public vs. private land analysis and is not factored into the overall unit rating measurement. A great hunt for one hunter may include being able to get around easily on an ATV or in a 4x4 while for someone else, a great hunt requires strapping on a backpack and getting away from the motorized traffic and into the back country. Use this measurement to identify those areas that fit your hunting preferences. This assessment is broken into 7 categories and can be used in the filtration system.

  • Easy
  • Easy/Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Moderate/Difficult
  • Difficult
  • Strenuous
  • Strenuous/Difficult

  • Accessibility Assessment Definitions

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    Landownership Maps To backup the unit Landownership analysis are high detail BLM topographical maps with the unit boundaries outlined. These maps detail public land managed by the US Forest Service, BLM and State Owned Land. These maps also show privately owned land, military bases, National Parks and Indian Reservation lands. These maps will also be available for purchase in the HuntersTrailhead store.
    BLM Map

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    Application Deadline Reminders Have you ever missed an application deadline? Or lost a bonus point because your application was received too late? HuntersTrailhead is now offering an Application Deadline Reminder service to all members. In your personal hunt portfolio, set up your own application reminder system. Select the state, species and the type of reminder you would like and HuntersTrailhead will send you a reminder at the opening of each state's application period. Bonus or Preference points are critical in this game we play. Don't miss another one because the application deadline slipped by unnoticed.

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    Unit Specific Forum Discussions Many websites have public forums. However, when you are researching a particular unit it can be a bit difficult to find discussions relating to that specific area. Along with general forums, HuntersTrailhead has developed a new system where each unit will have a link to discussions specific to the unit you are researching. Read previous posts, ask questions and interact with those that have experience with the units you are interested in.

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    Personal Research Portfolio

    Each member will have the ability to setup and design their own hunt research portfolio. Enter your points for each state and species and you won't have to enter them each time you conduct a database search - they will automatically be entered for you. As you narrow down the many hunt options to the few you are most interested in, add them to your portfolio. When you return to HuntersTrailhead, they will be waiting for you and you will have instant access to them. Eliminate those areas that are not of interest to view your selections side by side.

    If you are interested in finding a landowner tag or guided hunt, add them to your portfolio and put HuntersTrailhead to work finding them for you. You will pay nothing extra for this service.

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    **Past Hunter Contacts - Not every unit in our database have past hunter contacts. However, this list is growing. To prevent abuse, our system will monitor who accesses each unit list and when that access was made. Anyone found to be abusing this system will have their HuntersTrailhead membership terminated with no refund. Abuse includes but is not limited to crank or harassing phone calls, sending of spam mail, posting of this information on any other website, etc. Where necessary, legal action may be taken.